This past weekend I stopped at the clinic to pick something up with my 2-1/2 year old daughter, Kaya.  She wanted to play pretend in one of the treatment rooms, so she was being the doctor and I was the patient (one of her favorite games.)  After checking me with the “telescope” (Kaya-ese for stethoscope), Kaya’s diagnosis was that I had “a throat” and she told me that I needed to rest.  Having quite the bedside manner, after checking to see if I needed the heater on, Kaya asked if would like to read anything while I rested.
I said, “Sure, would you please go get a book from Daddy’s bookshelf for me?”
Kaya then went over to my bookcase and selected Grace Unfolding, Psychotherapy in the Spirit of the Tao Te Ching from among a hundred or so books.  Grace unfolding is my favorite book about the patient healer dynamic, and one that resonates deeply with my own philosophy on healing and the role of the healer in facilitating a patient’s journey.  The book was recommended to me by my primary craniosacral unwinding instructor, Gary Strauss.
Here is where things got kind of surreal… When Kaya handed the book to me, she asked, “Is this your favorite book?” How did she know?!  Even more ironic than that was the fact that I was just coming off of a several year hiatus from offering craniosacral treatment, and would be giving a session to a client the very next day!  I thought to myself, “Wow, Kaya is giving daddy a little gift here, saying ‘come on Daddy, brush up on your stuff! You’ve got work to do tomorrow.'”
I love life’s little synchronicities…  Reminders that we are so much more than what appears on the surface and interconnected in ways so vastly beyond anything we can conceive.

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  1. Vy

    I love this story for many, many reasons…definitely reminds me of you as my and my family's "tuning fork".

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