How are You? – Part 2

My last post, “How are you today?” focused on the importance of feeling and expressing our emotions. Today we will look at the “how to” behind this. How do we become more emotionally aware? How do we make peace with our … Read More

“How are you today?”

When the checkout clerk asks you how you are doing, how do you answer? Do you dutifully respond with “I’m well, thanks” even when you are really feeling lousy? What if, instead, you paused to tune in to what emotion was present? What if, before … Read More


This is the perfect meal to eat upon feeling the first symptoms of a cold, but is also helpful if the cold is already taken hold. The soup is easy to assimilate, and its ingredients aid the body in fighting … Read More

Neuroscience Reveals 4 Rituals That Increase Happiness

Here’s an article that taught me a couple new things about how to create more happiness in life.  Since the author did such a good job, rather than prattling on about it, I’ll just give you the link to the article. I … Read More

Be Wary of Dairy

Although this is getting to be common knowledge, I will share with those who didn’t get the memo that milk is not really the cat’s meow (see what I did there?)  Dairy not only creates more mucus and digestive problems among … Read More

Laugh, Cry, Lift

Back in my early twenties, shortly after beginning to do yoga regularly, I remember breaking into tears during savasana (that’s the final relaxation pose.)  I don’t mean just once… it was happening everyday for a while.  I asked my teacher what was … Read More

Effectively Use Affirmations

I recently received an article about how to effectively create and use affirmations that makes alot of sense to me.  It was written by the folks at 5-Minute Journal, and they generously gave me permission to share it with you … Read More

Why am I STILL not healed??!!

Do you have a pain, emotional or physical, that won’t go away, or keeps coming back? Have you been seeking the magic bullet that will heal it once and for all? The one that works 100% of the time forever? … Read More

Antimicrobial Smoke and Mirrors

When you walk into L.A. Wellness, you may enjoy breathing in the sublime scent of Palo Santo that we burn, or feel the good vibes coming off of the Himalayan salt lamps. But is this just new agey hippie stuff, or … Read More

Eat More Chocolate

Never thought you’d hear me say that, did you?  Now, don’t go out and buy a king size Snickers bar.  There is a specific type of chocolate that is good for you that health coach Katie Bressack will share about along … Read More

The Return of Light

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” – Eleanor Roosevelt The longest night of the year happens this Sunday on the Winter Solstice, after which the days begin growing longer and brighter. I was born on … Read More

STOP: You’re Perfect as You Are!

I walked past this message earlier this week, and it made me smile. Although our minds can manufacture very convincing arguments to the contrary, within each of us is a blueprint of perfection. We are perfect as we are, and … Read More