I remember a bumper sticker my first yoga teacher had on her old Volvo station wagon that read “I am too blessed to be stressed!”   How are you blessed in your life?  Here are a few ways it’s showing up for me today… I am grateful to be doing work that nourishes me, to be parenting my amazing healthy daughter, and to be regularly connecting with beautiful supportive friends.

Practicing gratitude is more than a cool new-age thing to do. Research in the field of positive psychology has revealed that this simple practice measurably enhances our health and happiness.  I recently watched a great movie called “Happy” that provides evidence based guidance on how to live a life of greater happiness.  And gratitude is one of several things that you can start today to feel happier now. I loved the movie and watched it a second time to take notes!

We all have so much for which to be grateful.  Despite whatever difficulties we face, we also have countless blessings.  Basic needs we may sometimes take for granted like shelter, clean food and running water are comforts that a billion of our fellow brothers and sisters do not have.  I invite you to take a moment now to think of three things in your life for which you are grateful, and to put “Happy” in your movie cue for later.  I am certainly grateful for you!



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