I walked past this message earlier this week, and it made me smile. Although our minds can manufacture very convincing arguments to the contrary, within each of us is a blueprint of perfection. We are perfect as we are, and yet strive to be so much more. This is a strange paradox… Everything is a mess, yet all is well.

As, I understand it, the path to awakening is not a process of attaining the ability to DO everything perfectly by obtaining special knowledge and skills, but rather a stripping away of all that is false until we recognize our inborn inherent perfection. By examining the truth that lies beneath the surface reality, we come into communion with the formless light of awareness that illuminates all of our experiences. This light IS us. This light is what links us all together, as the light of consciousness that shines through your eyes when you awaken in the morning is the same light that shines through mine and everyone elses.
For me, the easiest way to have a conscious connection with this truth beyond thought is through meditation. What is it for you? Walks in nature? Looking in the mirror and telling yourself “I love you?” Volunteering to help others? Whatever it is, I invite you to tap into this source. I invite you to STOP! You’re perfect as you are!

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