The Wellness Membership is a revolutionary model for convenient and affordable ongoing wellness treatments. These powerful acupuncture sessions incorporate one of a series of protocols to focus on a specific aspect of wellness, such as relaxation, while also promoting general health and well-being.

Are Wellness Visits Right For Me?
If you are seeking regular acupuncture as means of maintaining and enhancing your well-being, the wellness membership is perfect for you! If you have a medical condition, you will first need to undergo a series standard acupuncture visits and/or another form of complementary care. When treating a medical condition, the practitioner needs to provide more comprehensive care than possible during a wellness visit, including more extensive diagnostic work-up, longer needle retention and possible addition of other modalities of care such as formula prescription. However, if you are in good general health or if you have undergone a series of treatments to resolve your health concern, wellness treatments are the perfect way to promote longevity, immunity, reduce the adverse impact of stress, and help you to feel vibrantly alive. Call us today to find out if Wellness visits are right for you, and make a change for the better today!

How it Works
Simply choose a Wellness Membership that matches the frequency of treatment that suits you, ranging from two treatments per week to one per month. Then, call us to enroll. At each session, you will select from a variety of wellness protocols such as Detox, Clarity, or Vitality. The session requires only a half hour of your time, making it very convenient and affordable. All you need to do is call or go online to schedule a time and then show up! We take care of the rest. Because the membership is automatically charged to your credit card each month, you can literally walk in, get onto the treatment table, and walk out a half hour later feeling energized and balanced.

What to Expect
During a wellness visit, the practitioner will ask you what aspect of wellness you would like to target, then ask a few questions to determine if any adjustments to the protocol need be made in order to optimize its efficacy. Below are the wellness treatments currently available at L.A. Wellness:

  • Clarity – Promotes the smooth flow of energy throughout the body, improving memory, opening the intuition and unblocking dysfunctional thought patterns
  • Detox – Facilitates the release of toxins from the system on both an emotional and physiological level
  • Digest – Enhances the function of all of the digestive organs and the portion of the nervous system associated with digestion
    Immune Defense – Strengthens the bodies defensive Qi (Wei Qi) decreasing susceptibility to illness
  • Perform – Increases athletic performance by improving circulation, decreasing muscle tension, increasing energy efficiency, and promotes fuller breathing
    Serenity – Soothes the nervous system and helps balance the chakras, inducing deep relaxation and promoting peaceful sleep
  • Vitality – Incorporates points known to improve energy levels and overall sense of vitality
  • Longevity – Strengthens the source Qi (yuan qi) and balances the systems of the body for optimal functioning

To encourage you to make acupuncture a regular part of your wellness regime, we have made Wellness Memberships very affordable. Depending upon which tier you choose, you will enjoy access to anywhere from one wellness treatment per month to two per week. Our various membership levels are listed below.

  • Monthly – $70/mo.
  • Twice monthly – $130/mo.
  • Weekly – (up to 4 sessions/month) $240/mo.

Wellness treatments improve blood circulation and qi flow, decrease susceptibility to illness, combat aging and the negative effects of stress, enhance the function of the internal organs and promote a sense of general well-being. Regular acupuncture is a cost-effective strategy to keep your health care costs down by preventing the onset of serious conditions that require invasive and expensive medical procedures. Acupuncture has been proven to preserve telomere length, a marker of longevity and quality of end of life.

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