I want to let you know that after eight years without any change in fees at L.A. Wellness, I am making a slight increase. Several years back, we relocated to a newly renovated, beautiful space that I custom designed in order to offer you a more comfortable, tranquil environment — and the air-conditioning (among many other improvements) was a welcome upgrade! Together with this change of address, as landlords, suppliers and utility providers raised their prices, my overhead costs more than doubled. Throughout this time, I have worked diligently to deepen my clinical expertise, spending over a thousand hours in advanced trainings and providing well over fifteen thousand healing sessions, in order to give you the very best treatment available.

With that said, the changes I am making include:
• Initial Acupuncture Evaluation and Treatment $165
• Follow up Acupuncture $100
• Somatic Experiencing Session $160
• Combined Somatic Experiencing/Acupuncture $140

These changes will go into effect on January 1st, 2018. I value the relationship you and I have built together, and I would like very much to continue to provide care to you. I will make personal arrangements with any client who needs treatment but cannot afford the services at this new scale, because I believe the more accessible holistic health care is, the better our world becomes.

Yours in wellness,
Joe Curcio, LAC, SEP, MTOM, BScMET

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