Today marks the beginning of a brand new year in the Chinese Zodiac – the year of the Wood Horse!  The Horse year characterized as one of high energy and rapid change – a time for decisive action that will be richly rewarded – and it is a time for improved health and prosperity. And just how is it that I am suddenly such an expert on the Chinese Zodiac?  I looked it up on the internet, of course!  Okay, maybe I should stop with the Chinese astrology already and stick to acupuncture (get it)?

Speaking of decisive action and rapid changes, I made a decision to move Stillpoint into a new space that is literally right around the corner from us at 116 West Grand Avenue. I am in the process of building out the now space at this very moment and we plan to move in the middle of February.  We are all very excited, as we will almost triple our current square footage and feature large treatment rooms with a lot of privacy.  Our vision is to create a beautiful healing sanctuary with a Zen-like look and feel. I’m paying careful attention to every detail… from thoughtful lighting and climate control systems, to meticulous sound-proofing between the treatment rooms, from high-end audio systems to energy efficient and earth-friendly materials… all designed with YOU in mind to provide a truly soothing retreat in a comfortable, relaxing, supportive and healing atmosphere – helping you to feel great throughout this high energy / rapidly changing new year and supporting you in your journey to greater health and prosperity.  And it’s not just our space that is expanding – we will also be expanding our service offering, and I will fill you in on more of the details soon. So, stay tuned for the “Grand” opening date of our Grand Avenue space (I’ve already met my pun quota for the day and it’s not even lunchtime :))

In the meantime, I invite you to come in to say “Hello” to us and “Goodbye” to the “old” space before we leave.  There are lots and lots of good memories at the 331 Richmond space, and many more to come at 116 Grand Avenue.  I’ll be in touch with you soon.  Yours in Wellness,
Joe Curcio. L. Ac.

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