L.A. Wellness provides holistic healthcare, including acupuncture, craniosacral unwinding and Chinese herbs to the Manhattan Beach, El Segundo and Los Angeles community. Since 2002, we have used a truly holistic approach to help our clients to reach optimum wellness.  We love to help people feel better.


Joe Curcio, L. Ac.

Clinic Director

Joe Curcio, L. Ac

Joe Curcio, L. Ac. offers acupuncture, herbal medicine, and craniosacral unwinding therapy to clients. Joe, the founder and director of L.A. Wellness, uses a practical and holistic approach to healing, drawing on his experience in a number of fields to resolve health concerns. Learn more about Joe…

Colleen McDonough, L. Ac.

Senior Acupuncturist

Colleen offers acupuncture, herbal medicine and intuitive communication sessions. She is highly regarded for her keen insight and ability to help people identify and resolve issues that are preventing them from moving forward in life. Learn more about Colleen…



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Initial Consultation and Treatment
  • Full Health Inventory & Evaluation
  • Acupuncture Treatment
  • Recommended Program of Care
  • Supplement & Herbal Prescription
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
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Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment
  • Follow-Up Evaluation (as needed)
  • Acupuncture Treatment
  • Supplement & Herbal Prescription
  • Lifestyle Recommendations
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Wellness Membership
  • Recurring monthly membership
  • Ongoing acupuncture treatment plan
  • Maintain and enhance well-being
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Craniosacral Unwinding

Craniosacral Unwinding is a system of gentle touch designed to enhance the functioning of the membranes, tissues, fluids, and bones surrounding or associated with the brain and spinal cord.  It is a very powerful energy medicine that helps heal trauma, move forward in life when feeling stuck, and deepen your sense of connection with yourself. This 60 minute session consists of an initial dialog about where you are in life and intentions for the session, followed by the hands on therapy. The practitioner moves between the poles of employing specific protocols to elicit a desired physiological response to moving intuitively to areas of the body that are asking for care. Learn more…

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Intuitive Communication

An intuitive communication session is a 60 minute one on one conversation intended to help shed light on blockages that are between you and what you are wanting to manifest in your life.  We are all energetic beings moving toward the next step on our journey.  By energetically looking at the layers of your aura and your chakras, you will start to realize that there are patterns of behavior or past time energy that could be getting between you and your highest creative, productive, or spiritual self.  Just the act of engaging in an intuitive communication will begin to shift your awareness towards your highest good, thereby opening up space for release, movement, and understanding.

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Herbal Consultation

This service is offered for clients seeking to obtain a diagnosis and herbal prescription from a highly herbalist without receiving acupuncture care.  Our practitioner will obtain information about your health concern and prescribe a custom herbal formulation to address your condition. Herbal supplements available for an additional charge.

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Cupping therapy is an ancient form of healing in which a local suction is created on the skin; this therapy increases blood flow in order to promote healing and enhance immunity.  This service is offered as an add-on to acupuncture care, and also offered as a stand-alone service.

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Below are a few excerpts of testimonials from clients, but to get a better sense of the results you may expect from receiving care from us, please visit us on yelp 1445648262_yelp.

"The level of concern and concentrated effort Joe gives to his patients sets him apart from other practitioners. Joe is the best listener I have ever met."
nathan standish
Nathan S.Satisfied Client
"I have been treated by both Joe and Colleen; I can't be in better hands. Their extensive knowledge, attention to my specific case, and bedside manners have directly contributed to my improved health."
A Ruma photo
Andrea R.Satisfied Client
"I highly recommend Joe to anyone and everyone who has had trouble with pregnancy and who wants to have a healthy baby!"
MAYEDA headshot small
Shannon M.Satisfied Client


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